• Please contact me by email.
  • All GitLab notifications have been disabled, so if you get in touch with them, I will not be able to respond.
  • I can only do basic English sentences like those learned in textbooks, so I will use a translation site.
    If you don't understand Japanese at all, you don't have to force a Japanese translation, so please send it in English or your native language.
  • I will try to fix the problem as much as possible, so if you have any problems, please contact me after describing the detailed situation as much as possible.
  • I make software for myself that I want to use and want to make, so I often do not support more functions than necessary. Please note.

  • As for AzPainter, I already have enough features for my own use, so basically I'm not going to add any more.
    However, I will continue to update the functions that I need and the parts that I noticed.

  • I've been feeling sick since September 2019, and I've had many days of mental depression, so I'm not in a state where I can afford it.
    I don't know how many years this situation will last, but for the time being, please help me focus on only important requirements such as bug reports.
contact information

I don't check this email often, so my reply may be delayed.
Please note that I may not reply depending on the content.

>> Email form (for translation)

If you have translated the software, please send me a text file.