Linux 以外の OS のソフト開発について
現状では、Linux (UNIX) 以外の OS 用のソフトを作るつもりはありません。
今は Linux だけで手一杯のため、他の OS に手を出す余裕もありませんし、あまり興味もありません。

Windows ソフトについて
Windows は XP 以降使っていませんし、所持していません。
Linux 環境が快適なので、今後も Windows を使うつもりはありません。

そのため、私にとって Windows 開発はもう面倒でしかないので、以前の Windows ソフトの更新や新しいソフトの開発などは全く行うつもりがないので、ご了承ください。

About software development of OS other than Linux
Currently, I do not plan to make software for OS other than Linux (UNIX).
Now I can not afford to develop another OS because it is full of Linux alone,I am not very interested.
In my case, I am only making something I want to make within the range of my hobbies to the last.

About Windows software
I am not using Windows since XP, and do not possess it.
Since the Linux environment is comfortable, I will not use Windows in the future.

For this reason, Windows development is already cumbersome for me,
Please note that I do not intend to update previous Windows software or develop new software at all.

As for the disclosure of the source code,
since it is not in a condition that it can be made public with confidence,
It is hesitant to publish without reworking.
It takes time and effort to rework, so at present it can not afford to do it.
It might be done if I had not done so much in my free time, but I think it will be impossible for a while.